Balance Reishi Mushroom Powder (60 grams)


Bring balance into your body and life with our Reishi Mushroom powder. Our entire line of mushroom supplements are 100% mushrooms . We do not use any grains or fillers, so you only experience the magic mushrooms have to offer. 


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Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Powder Online. Reishi is an interesting and storied mushroom found in various parts of the world. Reishi has a long history of use in Japan and China and is extremely popular in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formulas. Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Powder Online.

You can find reishi growing in the Northeast and various locations throughout the United States in addition to the Asian countries mentioned above.

Use reishi mushroom powder made from fruited reishi mushrooms and NOT mycelium grown on grain

Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Powder Online. It’s important to consider what is in any mushroom extract you buy because not all mushroom extracts or supplements are created the same. The mushroom powders and capsules we provide use only mushroom fruiting bodies. This is in opposition to many mushroom supplement providers in the United States that sell extract products that are mycelium grown on grain. Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Powder Online. You get significantly higher beta-glucan contents when you get mushroom supplements with 100% fruited bodies opposed to mycelium on grain, and historically, the mushroom fruited body is what people have used traditionally.

Confusingly, some mushroom supplements don’t use any mushrooms at all and instead they only use mycelium. When you look at the back of these supplements they will say at the bottom other ingredients like freeze-dried myceliated brown rice. These products are primarily not mushrooms and they mostly do not involve the mushroom fruiting body. Instead, they involve mycelium grown out on grain. Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Powder Online.

Mushroom supplements that utilize mycelium grown on grain do so because it is more cost effective for the producer than it is to grow out the mushroom fruiting body. They do this for the cost benefit and not because of the efficacy of the final product.

Understanding the benefits of reishi mushrooms

Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Powder Online. One of the biggest reasons people use reishi mushroom powder is because of the reishi’s ability to support the immune system*. Studies have shown that polysaccharides found in reishi mushrooms may be able to modulate the immune system.

People also turn to reishi mushroom to support blood health*. In one study, athletes exposed to stressful conditions used reishi to improve the function of white blood cells*. Another study on reishi and white blood cells shows that reishi may alter inflammation pathways. Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Powder Online.

Reishi mushroom has also been seen to promote calmness, relaxation, and sleep in particular*. In fact, a study that involved mice and rats in a lab setting showed that sleep time, including non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep time increased*.

How to use reishi mushroom powder

Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Powder Online. We provide high-quality reishi mushroom powder to fungi aficionados all over. We started to offer reishi mushroom powder because there are many people looking at mushrooms to support their health in various ways. Reishi has been used traditionally by numerous cultures throughout the world for thousands of years, and now you can get reishi mushroom powder from us that is certified organic, free from fillers and grains, non-GMO and vegan!

Reishi mushroom powder is one mushroom supplement that’s frequently used. It’s critically important that you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy mushroom supplements. Make sure you are getting hot water extracted supplements made from mushroom fruiting bodies! The label on the back should guarantee (like we do) beta-glucan and starch levels. 


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