Magic Mushrooms Liquid Culture



Magic Mushrooms Liquid Culture



Magic Mushrooms Liquid Culture, One of the most potent and unique strains in the Cubensis family, the Penis Envy mushroom offers an unmatched depth of research potential. Its unusual form and potent genetic makeup make it a favorite among advanced mycologists, although its research applications are diverse enough to fascinate beginners as well. Magic Mushrooms Liquid Culture

Physical Traits:

Penis Envy mushrooms are easily recognizable by their distinctive, phallic shape, and their caps are often smaller and more conical than other Cubensis strains. The dark brown to light golden colors of the caps are complemented by a thick, sturdy stem.

Advantages of Liquid Culture:

  • Speed: Liquid Culture allows for quicker colonization, which is especially beneficial given the Penis Envy strain’s generally slower growth rate.
  • Quality: Manufactured in a sterile lab setting, our cultures boast minimal risks of contamination.
  • Consistency: By exclusively offering isolated and cloned cultures, each purchase guarantees the exact genetic profile of the Penis Envy strain.

Product Features:

  • Contents: The package comes with 10ML of premium Penis Envy Cubensis Liquid Culture.
  • Equipment: An 18-gauge syringe is included, ensuring precise and easy handling.

Shipping and Legalities:

  • Restrictions: Available for shipping throughout the United States, except Idaho and Georgia.
  • Shipping Options: Opt for free shipping via USPS First Class or speed things up with USPS Priority for an extra $5.
  • Legal Use: Our cultures are intended solely for microscopy and taxonomy studies. We do not support or condone the cultivation of illegal substances. Please be informed about your local and federal laws prior to making a purchase.


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