Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules (120 count)


Our reishi mushroom capsules make it easy to get the benefits of reishi with ease. You can simply take our reishi mushroom capsules in the morning with some water. Forgot to take your reishi capsules? No problem! These capsules make it possible to get your dose of reishi mushrooms on the go as well. Simply take one or two capsules with water throughout the day.


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Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules Online. Our entire line of mushroom supplements is 100% mushrooms. We use no grains or fillers, so you only experience the magic mushrooms have to offer.

Background information on reishi mushrooms

Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules Online. You can find it growing on hemlocks, often found near water. The mushrooms will begin forming in the spring and are at maximum potency for a summer harvest, once the mushroom has turned a beautiful red color.

We sell our reishi mushroom capsules and powder for those who don’t live in an area where reishi grows abundantly, and for those who simply cannot find the mushroom in the wild. Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules Online. Plus, since our supplement products are lab tested, you know exactly what is involved in the reishi mushroom capsules and powder. This way there is no guesswork and no fear of getting contaminated mushrooms.

Why do our reishi mushroom capsules contain the fruiting body extract and NOT mycelium is grown on grain

Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules Online. Not all mushroom supplements are created equally, including a reishi supplement. To understand this we need to understand the fungal life cycle. The mushroom is the fruiting body of the fungus, which only comes out occasionally.

The mushroom fruits form “mycelium” — a network of cells that are always present and usually out of sight. The mycelium is how fungi gather food, grow, and communicate with the surrounding environment. Mushrooms magically appear after heavy rain because the mycelium is always there and when the environment is just right, mushrooms pop out of the mycelial networks.

Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules Online. Confusingly, some mushroom supplements don’t use any mushrooms at all instead they only use mycelium. When you look at the back of these supplements they will say at the bottom other ingredients like freeze-dried myceliated brown rice. These products are primarily not mushrooms and they mostly do not involve the mushroom fruiting body. Instead, they involve mycelium grown out of grain.

The choice to use mycelium on grain isn’t based on efficacy; it’s based on economics and it comes at a cost in quality. Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules Online.

Studies have shown that higher amounts of mushroom polysaccharides come from extracts of mushroom fruiting bodies, and not the mycelium on grain.

Understanding the benefits behind reishi mushrooms

Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules Online. One of the biggest reasons people use reishi mushroom powder is because of the reishi’s ability to support the immune system*. Studies have shown that polysaccharides found in reishi mushrooms may be able to modulate the immune system.

People also turn to reishi mushrooms to support blood health*. In one study, athletes exposed to stressful conditions used reishi to improve the function of white blood cells*. Another study on reishi and white blood cells shows that reishi may alter inflammation pathways. Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules Online.

In fact, a study that involved mice and rats in a lab setting showed that sleep time, including non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep time, increased*.

How to use our reishi mushroom capsules

Buy Balance Reishi Mushroom Capsules Online. We provide high-quality reishi mushroom capsules to fungi aficionados all over. We started to offer reishi mushroom capsules because there are many people looking at mushrooms to support their health in various ways, and our capsules are quick and easy to use.


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