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The Albino A+ gets its name for its unique and ghostly colorization. Its stems are light brown and the caps a soft grey, almost white. Buying the Albina A+ ensures a fast colonizing mushroom with higher than average yields. Because of its robust development, it’s easily recommended for both beginners and experts. Albino A+ is full of surprises, and a favorite among mycologists.


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Magic Mushroom Spores. We manufacture our Albino A+ magic mushroom spore syringes in a sterile-certified lab and store the product in a dark, cold refrigeration unit before shipping. To get the most out of your spore syringe, keep them refrigerated at 2-8 C.  Each Albino A+ magic mushroom syringe includes:

  • 1x 20ml of high-density Albino A+ spore solution in a 20cc syringe
  • 1x sterile needle
  • 4x alcohol prep pads

How Do You Use an Albino A+ Spore Syringe?

The internal pressure of the syringe, along with a luer lock on the nose of the item, holds the solution in place. A luer lock is the most secure method to keep liquid inside a syringe during travel.  Before using an Albino A+ spore syringe, clean your work area. It’s important to use a spore syringe in the cleanest possible environment. That means wiping surfaces down with an alcohol solution, wearing a face mask, and disinfecting your hands. Try to work in a room without a draft and spray some alcohol solution in the air before exposing the needle.

How Do You Inoculate Substrate Cake?

There are many ways to admire Albino A+ mushrooms. Below, we offer the easiest and most widely accepted methods of using a spore syringe. They are:

Placing Spore Liquid onto Substrate Surface

Inoculating substrate means to drop spores onto the surface of a prepared cake or material that the mycelium will eat. After cooking and cooling the substrate, simply squeeze the plunger slowly so the liquid drips out of the needle and onto the cake. The common practice is to spread those drops over many points on the surface or inside the cake to give the spores a better chance of creating mycelium and spreading across the entire surface.

Using an Injection Port and Grow Box

A safer and more effective method of inoculating a cake with spores is to use injection ports. These plastic membranes create a sterile environment for the cake and boost the spores’ ability to fight off microbes as they create mycelium. To use an injection port, pull back the protective cap and squeeze the solution into the grow box. Once you’ve used a few CC’s of Albino A+, pull out the syringe and refasten the port’s protective cap.

Research Cubensis Spores with Microscope

Hobby mycologists observe cubensis mushroom spores under microscopes because each strain differs in slight yet telling ways. They use high-powered microscopes with 1000x magnification. The appearance of Albino A+, for example, is noticeably different than that of B+. Also, individual strains colonize at unique temperatures and speeds.  When you look at a fully-developed mushroom, the differences are obvious.

How Much Substrate Can One Albino A+ Spore Syringe Inoculate?

The answer depends on how much solution you use. Beginners tend to use too much, and you may find that, over time, you’ll learn the perfect amount to fully colonize one cake. On average, A single 20cc spore syringe can be used to colonize 6 liters of substrate or approximately 13 canning jars.

How Do You Store Spore Syringes?

Did you know that, kept at the right temperature, your Albino A+ spore syringe can last for at least 12 months? To get the most out of your spore syringe, keep the product wrapped in light-proof material, such as aluminum foil. For best results, leave it in the fridge, around 2C-8C. Never put leftover spore solution in the freezer; the deep cold will make the spores ineffective.


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